Rob Ford - Toronto Waterfront Marathon Debate Roads or Parks

The 2010 Toronto Waterfront Marathon was once again a huge success.  Alan Brookes the race director for the event has continued to do an amazing job at growing the race and moving the Toronto Waterfront Marathon closer to becoming a world marathon major.  For those that don't know what that means, it essentially is a "superbowl" type status for marathons.  The ING New York City marathon, Boston Marathon, Chicago, Berlin and London marathons are the current majors. 

For some reason Toronto mayors like David Miller or mayoral candidates like Rob Ford like to Kibosh anything related to sports that will only bring more money to the City of Toronto.  For example David Miller not supporting an NFL team in Toronto, are you crazy Mr. Miller?  You would rather see 20,000 people in the stands for an Argo game than 60,000 fans in the stands for an NFL game?  HIs answer, we have to protect the CFL, in otherwords we know there is a better product out there that will bring more money into the city's economy but we have to implement protectionist policies to support a league that's lost its lustre.  What's wrong with wanting the best in sports and why is Toronto so anti anything relating to sports?   Ontario and Canada is so backwards when it comes to supporting sports, just look at the lack of support of funding for amateur athletes striving for the olympics so charities have to be formed like

HIgh schools are under funded for extracurricular sports programs yet the government bans corporate sponsorship for equipment and funding, they would rather see kids not play sports for what reason may I ask??  Now we finally have a Toronto mayoral candiate in Rob Ford that is pro business and  is known for being fiscally responsible unlike most of the socialist mayors Toronto elects.  He looks like a breath of fresh air for over taxed Torontonians and he has to flap his lips and make statements like "marathons belong in city parks not roads"  and "I wasn't even aware there was a marathon this weekend"  how can any city councillor not be aware of the citys largest marathon? I think he must think that all marathon runners must be socialist supporters of David Miller and George Smitherman and would never vote for him, has he ever got his facts all wrong.  Marathoners and endurance atheltes are some of the highest powered people in business and if they are not running a company they are extremely successful people. 

Dear Mr. Rob Ford, a marathon is 26.2 miles and in kilmoetres thats 42km, there are 20,000 plus runners, how on earth do you think do you think you can fit this many people on a 5 foot wide bycicle path? Its starts on a Sunday morning early when traffic is at its lightest and you have 20,000 runners many of them from out of town, spending money in your city, seeing the city, having a great marathon experience, going home and raving about the city to their neighbours and firends creating even more tourist dollars, the race raises significant money for charity and the sport itself encourages fitness, how can you not be 100% behind the marathon? Boston for crying out loud makes the marathon day a city holiday, people come out and support the runners. 

Mr. Rob Ford change your tune, supporting runners, support the Toronto Waterfront Marathon and Support the Goodlife Toronto Marathon and you will have a healthier city, more money for your local  businesses and attract and high performer crowd to the city of Toronto year after year.  For those drivers whining about road closures for the marathon or any race in Toronto we suggest you buy some q-tips for your ears or simply open your eyes to the gazzilions of advance notice and be supportive instead of destructive.  Go Marathons Go! Everyone is a winner at a race like this, no barriers to entry.  Maybe Mr Rob Ford you should run the Toronto Waterfront Marathon next year and show the kids how important fitness is in your life and why its important for children to see adults being active. 

Long live the Toronto marathons and any for that matter.

Please send us your comments for support of the Toronto Waterfront Marathon for or against, do you believe in Rob Ford's position or oppose it?  We want to hear from you.  If you live in another anti marathon town with politicians trying to ban running races in your city, please send us the story so we can cover it.  Click contact us to send Running Shorts a message.

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