Tight Calf Muscles

If you are new to running, or maybe your a veteran, you may be experiencing tight calf muscles during, or after running. This would be the tightening of two different muscles groups in your lower legs, being the gastrocnemius muscles, and the soleus muscles. There are a few different things that can cause this uncomfortable and painful problem, and also some ways to help cure or prevent it from happening.

The most common reason that this irritation occurs is from poor stretching habits. Runners who do not stretch their gastrocnemius and soleus muscles properly before activity tend to develop this issue over time. It happens sooner for some runners, and later for others. Another cause can be poor running form. If you have irregular body mechanics, this can be causing strain on your calves. Also, if your calf muscles have become to big for your lower legs, and difficult to support, this can also be a cause of the problem.

To cure this problem, you will most likely need to tone down your workouts for a short period of time, and make sure that you are stretching before, and after you run. This will allow your calfs to slowly heal, and then regain their strength. You also may want to get a deep muscle tissue massage from a trained sports massage therapist. They will also be able to evaluate you, and tell you if you need more than one treatment, or if you need to have your tissue tested.

You may also try over the counter solutions while your waiting to see if stretching will help, such as muscle creams, heat, and ice. If the problem continues, and stretching doesn't eliminate the pain over time, you may want to make an appointment with your health care provider for further treatment options. Getting into your physician can prevent you from causing further, or permanent damage to your calves.

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