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Myth: The only way to get into shape is by 1) going to the gym every day and 2) restricting yourself to a likely unnecessary diet. 

Fact: You don’t need an overpriced gym membership nor fancy equipment to achieve your fitness goals. A pair of good running shorts, however, is absolutely essential for this purpose.


Any type of regular physical activity can greatly improve your health over time if you just stick with an easy to follow regimen. 

Running is one of the simplest exercises you can do. But of course, if you’re going to be exercising, it’s best to be equipped with the proper gear. This means equipping yourself with the appropriate attire.

North Face offers an extensive line of clothing for both active men and women dedicated to outdoor use.

Among the products they produce each year, here are 10 stylish yet functional running shorts perfect for people looking to start their fitness journey. 

1. The North Face Men’s Ambition Dual Shorts

The Men’s Ambition Dual Shorts features North Face’s improved odor-resistant technology that can now last even longer in between machine washes.

These stylish two-in-one shorts feature secure internal and external storage coupled with a compressive boxer brief lining that allows athletes to take the extra charge across multiple types of terrains.

They currently only come in the North Face’s signature black. 

2. The North Face Men’s Flight Better Than NAKED™ Shorts

These stylish running shorts feature an ultraviolet protection factor of 50 and have a super light durable water-repellent finish. 

The North Face’s trademark FlashDry fabric is designed to speed up the removal of moisture from the skin by accelerating the rate of evaporation, thus enabling you to stay comfortable and dry, and perform longer runs in a wide range of environments. 

These athletic shorts come in three variants of TNF Black, and Rosin Green Wash Print.

3. The North Face Men’s Essential Shorts

The North Face Running Shorts
Photo by Amazon

Athletic shorts that allow for a great range of motion have a huge advantage over other options in the market. That’s exactly what the North Face’s Men’s Essential Shorts provides. 

These standard fit running shorts are light, breathable, and composed of special materials that allow it stretch out in four different directions without losing its shape, thus allowing for maximum mobility .

The Men’s Essential shorts come in three color options: The North Face’s trademark black, Asphalt Grey, and the North Face’s trademark Blue.

Get The North Face Men’s Essential Short from Amazon. 

4. The North Face Men’s Kilowatt Shorts 

The North Face Men's Kilowatt Short
Photo by Amazon

The North Face has updated their old Kilowatt Shorts. The new version comes with a stylish yet straightforward design for multi-purpose training, but retains largely the same features as its predecessor. 

The Kilowatt Shorts contains breathable lightweight fabrics that allow it to regulate the user’s body temperature. These running shorts are perfect not just for your workout sessions, but for daily wear as well.

The Kilowatt Shorts come in two colors: the North Face’s trademark Black and Asphalt Grey.

Get The North Face Men’s Kilowatt Shorts from Amazon. 

5. The North Face Women’s Ambition Shorts

These standard fit, breathable mesh running shorts come with a wide waistband that fits perfectly and comfortably on any body type. Like most of The North Face’s products, these running shorts also come with body temperature regulating technology and layered ventilation system. 

The women’s Ambition Shorts come in two stylish designs: a standard TNF black and a dazzling blue painted feather.

6. The North Face Women’s Motivation High Rise Pocket Shorts

The Women’s Motivation High Rise Pocket Shorts features a simple design with great stretch compression. It is built perfectly for women who are looking for a more intense workout session.

While these shorts may not exactly be exclusively for running, the two side pockets included are lined with a power mesh. The result? Ultimate stability during your workout.

7. The North Face Women’s Versitas Shorts

The North Face Women's Versitas Shorts
Photo from Amazon

These durable running shorts combine the strength of a woven fabric with the breathability and abrasion-resistance of the North Face’s trademark FlashDry technology. 

The women’s Versitas shorts feel almost invisible against your skin, while still providing a fair amount of coverage. Furthermore, the built-in brief with flat-locked seams prevents awkward bunching during your workout. 

The shorts come in two brightly colored options: Bristol Blue and Violet. 

Get The North Face Women’s Versitas Shorts from Amazon. 

8. The North Face Men’s Flight RKT Shorts 

The North Face partnered with TNF ultrarunner Rob Krar to design these ultra-light shorts. The men’s Flight RKT Shorts are designed to help you run faster for much longer periods.

The split hem design provides coverage while supporting a wide range of motion. On the other hand, its mid-rise waist design provides extra support and comfortability, allowing you to perform at your best.

Currently, the shorts are sold only in the shade of bright poinciana orange. 

9. The North Face Women’s Motivation Knit Skort

Spring into your summer runs with the North Face’s Motivation Knit Skort for women.

This skirt and short combination meet every women’s on the go needs. Its lightweight, breathable, and stretchy materials make the shorts functional. Not only that, its design also gives a very flattering look when worn. 

The shorts come in the North Face’s trademark black. 

10. The North Face Men’s Flight Better Than NAKED™ Long Haul Shorts

The flight Better Than NAKED™ Long Haul Shorts features a breathable lightweight and stretchy material that fits any marathon runner well. The running shorts also feature a 2-in-1 compression liner, and an ultraviolet protection factor of 50.

These athletic shorts are stylishly designed in a rosin green wash print that functions well with several activities such as running, yoga, sports or gym workouts.

North Face Running Shorts – Final Verdict 

All the products mentioned above come with North Face’s lifetime warranty. The products are available through either their official website or official shops. 

If comfy, casual and stylish are what you seek, don’t hesitate: just choose North Face! You’ll be astonished by what difference a pair of North Face running shorts can make to your performance.

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