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While getting the newest most state of the art gear sounds nice, it can be costly for people who live on a tight budget. Sometimes we need to make do with what resources we have for the sake of practicality.

Cheaper brands don’t necessarily mean its less effective. There are plenty of running shorts tagged at a lower price that work just as well. 

Here are 20 of the cheapest running shorts you can buy at Walmart.

1. Weefy Women’s Hot Running Shorts – $5.98 – $6.68

The Weefy women’s hot running shorts are made from a 100% cotton blend and comes in an assortment of colors to choose from. 

These running shorts sport the basic track and field short designs and are great for running and even casual wear. 

2. The Noble Collection Women’s Fitted Shorts – $6.98 – $7.98

These fitted high-waisted shorts are good for use in activities such as running, jogging, gym, and yoga. 

The Noble collection offers the women’s high-waisted fitted shorts in an assortment of colors such as black, white, red, and gray. These Walmart running shorts also feature a wide waistband that comfortably secures the clothing in place during movement. 

3. EFFINY Women’s Gym Running Shorts – $6.99 – $8.39

The Effiny women’s Gym running Shorts are made from 100% modal cotton. The waistband comes with an adjustable drawcord to allow tightening or loosening around the waist.

These Walmart running shorts sport a cozy and comfortable design, and are available in seven different colors; Black, Dark and Light Grey, Rose, Blue, Green, and Purple. 

4. Avia Women’s Active Side Stripe Short – $9.96

The Avia’s Active Side Stripe shorts are a comfortable pair of Walmart running shorts that will snugly fit any body type. 

These high-waisted Walmart running shorts are easy to move in and can last longer than most branded running shorts in the wash. 

These Walmart running shorts also come in five assorted colors; Platinum Silver, Black Soot, Blue Cove, Begonia Pink, and Aquacade Blue.

5. Hanes Sport Women’s Performance Running Shorts – $14.99

Hanes Sport manufactures and develops its comfort heritage based on innovative technology that allows individuals to create the looks that fit their lifestyle, sport and style. 

These performance Walmart running shorts are designed to help you go the distance with support from the CoolDri-resistance flat seams that keep you dry throughout the day. 

Apart from that these, running shorts also feature many other functionalities that known brands have such as a convenient inside zipper key pocket, an elastic and secure waistband that comes with a drawcord. 

6. Avia 5 Inch Running Short – $9.96

The Avia women’s five-inch running shorts feature quick-dry and moisture-wicking technology that keeps your skin cool and dry throughout your run. 

The side seam overlay design of these Walmart running shorts also provides excellent mobility when you’re out and on the go. The stretch compression base layer shorts provide enough support and coverage of any runner needs.

These are machine wash safe and come in eight available colors, making outfit planning a breeze. 

7. Lavaport Women’s Compression Shorts – $8.69 – $10.29

Lavaport built the women’s compression shorts with breathable and quick-dry features to make running easier. 

These Walmart running shorts are made from a thin soft material and have good elasticity. The side pockets are also big enough to store your smartphone without it bouncing around during your run.

8. JEFFENLY Women’s Ultra Lightweight Running Shorts – $8.87

The JEFFENLY women’s Ultra Lightweight Running Shorts are a stylish and affordable pair of breathable cotton blended running shorts. 

These fashionable Walmart running shorts are good for runs and other physical activities such as yoga, pilates, and gym. The elastic waist comes with an adjustable drawstring that helps you fit it to your liking.

9. The Noble Collection High Waist Elastic running Shorts – $9.00

The Noble Collection’s high waist elastic running shorts are made with a comfortable blend of polyester and cotton fabrics. 

These affordable Walmart running shorts fit snugly on the body and have a built-in liner that prevents chafing during your runs. They come in a total of six different colors; Black, White, Red, Wine Red, Gray, and Blue. 

10. FMR SLHRVIB Women’s Athletic Running Sweat Shorts

These stylish Walmart running shorts are perfect for casual sessions at the gym and casual runs out in the park. 

Features include contrast piping, an elastic waistband, and dolphin cut detail along the hems of the shorts. The material is made of a comfortable, durable, and breathable 100% polyester blend.

The spandex on the waist is built to perfectly conform to your body when worn, making them perfect for lounge use. 

11. HDE Women’s Retro Athletic Running shorts – $10.98 – $11.99

The HDE Women’s Retro Athletic Running Shorts are made of quality-made lightweight, breathable cotton that is ideal for workouts. 

These Walmart running shorts feature a snug elastic waistband and adjustable drawstring for a comfortable and secure fit. It’s simple design also makes it easy to pair with any top. 

Choose from any of the seven available colors; Black, Blue, Dark Grey, Hot Pink, Purple, Navy, and Teal.

12. Athletic Works Women’s Active Running Short – $15.92

The Athletic Works Women’s Active Walmart Running Shorts are perfect for summer runs thanks to its quick-drying features.

They come with a built-in brief lining to add comfort and prevent the fabric from riding up during your workouts. 

13. Deago Women’s High Waist Workout Running Shorts – $ 11.9

These Walmart running shorts are made from a breathable, moisture-wicking, and stretchable fabric that provides the best and most comfortable wearing experience similar to other branded running shorts. 

The high-rise, wide waistband secures a snug fit while giving maximum coverage during stretching and bending. The side pockets also provide enough space to snugly fit your smartphone. The longer inseam lining also prevents chafing.

14. TheLovely Women’s soft Cotton Stretch Running Shorts – $12.99 – 35.99

Hit the road with this stylish move-easy Walmart running shorts. 

These Walmart running shorts are made from a medium weight and breathable soft cotton fabric that hugs the body’s shape perfectly. The stretchable fit feature makes it perfect for activities such as running and cycling. 

15. Boxercraft Women’s Black White Velocity Running Shorts – $15.00

The Boxercraft Women’s Black White Velocity Running Shorts are made from a 100% moisture-wicking polyester and breathable mesh side panels.

The built-in liner and adjustable drawcord make it easy to attain a snug and comfortable fit, without the fabric riding up during your workouts. These Walmart running shorts also feature an interior pocket made to fit small items, cash, and keys.  

16. Costume Agent USA American Flag Running Shorts – $7.99

For athletes that are looking for shorter and stylish Walmart running shorts, try these USA American Flag running shorts from Costume Agent. 

These American flag-inspired Walmart running shorts are sure to keep you cool whether you train indoors or outdoors. Match them with like-colored tops for a patriotic finish.

17. EFINNY Men’s Quick-dry Running Shorts – $9.12 – $11.19

These Walmart running shorts are made from a breathable polyester and cotton blend that provides great circulation and compression. They also feature quick-dry technology to keep you cool and comfortable throughout your most intense workouts. 

The EFINNY Men’s Quick-Dry Running shorts are available in four color options; black, White, Red, and Blue. 

18. Athletic Works Women’s Active Running Shorts – $12.96

Get more from your runs with the Athletic Works Women’s Active running shorts. 

These cozy Walmart running shorts are made from a comfortable cotton mesh that features a 2 in 1 layering that lets the fabric stay in place during long runs. These shorts are perfect for easily perfecting the sporty look without needing to break the bank.

19. Unique Bargains Men’s Sports Apparel Running Shorts – $9.99 – $10.99

These quick-drying Walmart running shorts are ideal for workouts and long-distance running because of its effective muscle warming feature. 

The Unique Bargains Men’s Sports Apparel Running Shorts promotes faster muscle recovery thanks to its compression fit design that increases muscle support and circulation.

20. Canis Men’s Casual Running Shorts – $15.86

The Canis Men’s Casual running shorts are a simple yet functional pair of Walmart running shorts designed to support and make your run more comfortable. 

This polyester fabric bled shorts come with an adjustable drawcord that allows easy adjustments for a snug fit. They currently come in three available colors; Green, Cyan, and Black.

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