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From Sun Hats to Shorts: Choosing the Perfect Attire for Yachting From Sun Hats to Shorts: Choosing the Perfect Attire for Yachting

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From Sun Hats to Shorts: Choosing the Perfect Attire for Yachting

Combining appropriate and functional yacht dressing can be challenging. Sweat not. This guide will help you to the last accessory.

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Yachting is fast becoming a luxurious recreational activity for those who embrace the sun, sea, and wind in style. It offers a sanctuary away from busy places, making it ideal for people who love privacy.

Oftentimes, many people are confused when it comes to choosing the right attire for yachting. However, it is worth noting that different activities take place on yachts. For some people, it is just for unwinding and relaxing. Some people may have a business meeting on a yacht. As such, you may need to consider many things when choosing yachting attire. 

Tips to Select the Best Attire for Yachting

Your yachting attire must strike a delicate balance between comfort, fashion, and functionality. Whether planning a day of sailing, a coastal cruise, or a week-long yachting adventure, selecting the right attire is crucial for both comfort and style.

Below are tips to help you dress right when going for yachting:

Select Quick-Drying Clothes

Quick-drying clothes are essential for yachting. Yachting involves being on the water. Therefore, you should remember that you will likely get wet. Wearing a quick-drying fabric like polyester will help you stay comfortable as your clothes will dry on time. 

Choose Lightweight and Breathable Clothes

One common misconception is that the ocean weather is always cold. However, the truth is that being out on the water can be hot and humid. So, a thick cloth will make you feel uncomfortable as you will be hot and sweaty. Opt for lightweight and breathable clothes to keep you cool and comfortable. 

Consider the Fit

Being prepared for the overall situation of the yacht doesn’t excuse a lousy fit. Yachting is a luxurious and exclusive activity and you can often meet high-class people there. Choose a suitable fit for this occasion to make you presentable.  

Don’t Forget the Accessories

Accessories are a crucial part of your outfit. Choose functional accessories and complement your overall fit. Consider wearing a waterproof wristwatch instead of a regular one. Choose sunhats, sunshades, and bags to bring your look together nicely. 

Be Prepared for Weather Changes

Consider that the weather will change, especially if you are planning to stay on the yacht for more than a day. Bring other clothes to be ready for a sudden weather change. 

Going for Fun: What to Wear on a Yacht?

It is time to ditch the jeans and ties and get more comfortable without compromising the style. Hence, knowing the right outfit can help you know where to start your dressing from.


Boat shoes or boots are popular footwear choices for yachting. Some boat owners even have boat shoe-only rules. You can also opt for other non-slip comfortable footwear like deck shoes or espadrilles.


Boho pants, yoga pants, leggings, and shorts are good bottom options for yachting. You can wear them in colors and materials that best suit you.


Dresses are also crucial for yachting. It is always a great idea to pack a few long or short summer dresses, depending on the occasion. 


Accessories are also essential. You need wide-brimmed sun hats to keep the sun away. You should also get a waterproof bag, sunglasses, captain caps, and sailing gloves. Lifejackets are also important, perhaps, even more than just accessories. 

FAQs on Yachting

Yachting is a relatively uncommon activity. It is just gaining ground. So many people have questions. Fortunately, some of these questions have been already answered. Therefore, if you plan to rent a yacht in Dubai for party or other activities, this segment may answer some questions you already have. 

How Much Does It Cost To Rent a Yacht in Dubai?

The price of renting a yacht in Dubai differs depending on its size. A 42 ft yacht that can take ten guests goes for an average of 140 USD per hour. On the other hand, an 85 ft yacht with a 44-guest capacity goes for USD 385 per hour. Your rate gets more discounted, depending on how long you are renting the yacht for. It’s worth noting that BBQ, jet ski ride, fun fishing, birthday decorations, etc., all attract extra costs. 

Which Companies Offer Yacht Renting Services in Dubai?

Dubai has many yacht rental companies. They have different packages, and you can compare them to choose the best one. Also, some car rental companies like Renty offer yacht rental services.

Can I Take My Children Along When Yachting in Dubai?

Yes, children are allowed on yachts. However, children below one-year-old are only allowed onboard yachts. Also, children under ten must always wear life jackets while in the water or out on the deck. Lastly, all people under 21 must be under an adult’s supervision on a yacht. 


Aboard-water recreational activities are gaining more prominence. Exclusivity and novelty are the primary reasons people choose them. Also, these activities are not cheap, making them a place for classy networking. 

From sun hats to shorts, selecting the perfect wardrobe for yachting ensures you are prepared for all conditions while exuding a sense of maritime elegance. By incorporating the right pieces into your outfit, you can fully enjoy the yachting experience in comfort and style.