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Who Makes On Running Shoes

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Welcome to the world of On running shoes, where innovation, comfort, and style intertwine to create the perfect footwear for athletes and casual runners alike. Founded in 2010 by Olivier Bernhard, a former professional triathlete, along with David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti, On has quickly risen to prominence in the world of running shoes.

What sets On running shoes apart is their patented CloudTec® technology, which combines cushioning and responsiveness to deliver a unique running experience. The distinctive cloud-like pods on the sole of the shoes provide soft landing and explosive take-offs. It’s no surprise that On running shoes have gained a loyal following and have been praised by athletes and enthusiasts worldwide.

In this article, we will delve into the history of On running shoes, explore their various collections and innovative technologies, uncover their sustainability practices, and discuss their collaborations and partnerships. We will also look at the manufacturing process behind these exceptional shoes and examine the endorsements and brand ambassadors who proudly sport On running shoes.

Whether you’re a professional athlete striving for top performance or an everyday runner seeking comfort and support, On running shoes have a solution for every stride. Let’s embark on a journey to discover the world of On running shoes and their commitment to elevating the running experience for all.


History of On Running Shoes

The story of On running shoes begins with Olivier Bernhard, a Swiss athlete who had been searching for the perfect running shoe that would reduce impact while still providing a responsive ride. Dissatisfied with the options available on the market at the time, Bernhard took matters into his own hands.

In 2010, Bernhard partnered with David Allemann, a former professional athlete, and Caspar Coppetti, a successful entrepreneur, to establish On AG. Inspired by the sensation of running on soft surfaces like grass, the trio set out to create a shoe that would reproduce that feeling while also offering the necessary support and stability for running on hard surfaces.

Their relentless pursuit of innovation and commitment to excellence led to the development of the groundbreaking CloudTec® technology. This unique cushioning system features individually cushioned pods, or “clouds”, which absorb both vertical and horizontal forces to deliver a smooth and responsive running experience. The clouds compress upon impact, providing a soft landing, and then lock together for a firm and stable take-off.

The release of the first On running shoe, the Cloudsurfer, in 2010 marked the beginning of a new era in the running shoe industry. The Cloudsurfer introduced athletes to the unparalleled combination of cushioning, responsiveness, and lightweight design that would become the hallmark of On running shoes.

Since then, On has continued to innovate and expand its product line, releasing a range of models to suit different running styles and preferences. From the lightweight and versatile Cloud X to the ultra-cushioned Cloudstratus, each shoe in the On collection is designed with meticulous attention to detail and a focus on providing the best possible running experience.

Over the years, On running shoes have gained recognition and accolades from both athletes and the industry. Their commitment to performance and innovation has earned them numerous awards, including the prestigious ISPO Award, the Red Dot Design Award, and the Swiss Economic Forum’s Swiss Start-up of the Year.

Today, On running shoes are sold in over 50 countries worldwide, and the brand has established itself as a leader in the running shoe market. Their success can be attributed not only to their cutting-edge technology but also to their unwavering dedication to quality, comfort, and style.

The history of On running shoes is a testament to the power of innovation and the pursuit of excellence. With each new release, On continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of running footwear, inspiring athletes to reach new heights and enjoy the run like never before.


On Running Shoe Collections

On running shoes offer a diverse range of collections, each designed to cater to different running styles and preferences. Whether you’re a speed enthusiast, a trail runner, or simply looking for a versatile everyday shoe, On has something to meet your needs. Let’s explore some of the notable collections:

1. Cloud Collection:

The Cloud collection is where it all began for On. These shoes feature the iconic CloudTec® technology that provides a cushioned and responsive ride. With models like the Cloud X, Cloudswift, and Cloudflow, this collection is suited for runners who want lightweight performance and agility on both urban terrains and gym floors.

2. Cloudace Collection:

The Cloudace collection is designed for runners who value maximum cushioning and stability. These shoes offer a plush and supportive experience without compromising on performance. The Cloudace features a wide base for stability, enhanced cushioning, and excellent energy return.

3. Cloudventure Collection:

If trail running is your passion, the Cloudventure collection has you covered. These shoes are built to conquer challenging terrains, providing protection, traction, and stability. With features like grip-rubber outsoles and durable uppers, the Cloudventure collection ensures a comfortable and secure off-road running experience.

4. Cloudstratus Collection:

The Cloudstratus collection combines cushioning with speed. These shoes feature a dual-CloudTec® system that offers double the cushioning for a soft and comfortable feel. Designed for long-distance runs, the Cloudstratus delivers a supportive and responsive ride without sacrificing speed or agility.

5. Cyclon Collection:

The Cyclon collection focuses on sustainability and performance. These shoes are made from a special high-grade engineered mesh that is created from upcycled plastics. With a lightweight design and responsive cushioning, the Cyclon collection is perfect for runners who want to make a positive impact on the environment.

Each collection within the On running shoes lineup offers its own unique features and benefits. Whether you’re a road runner, a trail enthusiast, or seeking comfort for your everyday runs, On has a collection that will elevate your running experience.


Innovation and Technology in On Running Shoes

On running shoes have gained a reputation for their innovative design and advanced technology that sets them apart from other brands in the market. Let’s explore some of the key innovations and technologies that make On running shoes exceptional:

1. CloudTec® Technology:

The heart and soul of On running shoes, CloudTec® technology, revolutionizes the running experience. The unique cushioning system consists of individual pods, or “clouds,” on the sole of the shoe. These clouds provide a combination of cushioning and responsiveness to enhance the overall comfort and performance of the runner.

2. Helion™ Superfoam:

To further enhance cushioning and energy return, On has developed Helion™ Superfoam. This high-performance foam delivers exceptional comfort and responsiveness by offering excellent shock absorption and minimizing energy loss during each stride.

3. Speedboard™ Technology:

To promote a natural rolling motion and increase efficiency, On incorporates the Speedboard™ technology into their running shoes. This lightweight and flexible plate is placed between the upper and the midsole, acting like a springboard to propel the runner forward and enhance their running gait.

4. Upper Construction:

The upper construction of On running shoes is designed to provide a secure and comfortable fit. With features like breathable mesh, seamless overlays, and padded collars, the shoes offer a supportive and adaptive lockdown, preventing discomfort and blisters during long runs.

5. Adaptive Eyelets:

On running shoes feature adaptive eyelets, which allow the laces to adjust and provide a customized fit for each runner. This ensures that the shoes securely hug the foot, preventing any slippage or discomfort during the run.

6. Zero-Gravity Foam:

In certain models, On integrates the Zero-Gravity foam in the midsole. This ultra-lightweight foam not only adds to the overall cushioning but also contributes to the shoes’ feather-light feel, promoting a more effortless and enjoyable running experience.

Through continuous research and development, On is committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation in running footwear. Their technologies and design elements work together harmoniously to provide runners with unparalleled comfort, support, and performance.

By incorporating cutting-edge materials, clever engineering, and a relentless focus on performance, On running shoes are continually evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of runners around the world.


Collaborations and Partnerships

In addition to their dedication to innovation, On running shoes has forged strategic collaborations and partnerships that further elevate their brand profile and expand their reach. These collaborations bring together athletes, designers, and other brands that share a passion for excellence. Let’s take a look at some of the notable collaborations and partnerships of On running shoes:

1. Roger Federer:

On joined forces with tennis legend Roger Federer to create a line of tennis-inspired sneakers. This collaboration blends On’s expertise in performance running shoes with Federer’s timeless style and attention to detail. The result is a collection that seamlessly combines performance and fashion, appealing to both athletes and style enthusiasts.

2. Bang & Olufsen:

On collaborated with Danish luxury audio brand Bang & Olufsen to develop a limited edition pair of On running shoes. This partnership marries On’s commitment to performance with Bang & Olufsen’s emphasis on high-quality sound and craftsmanship. The shoes feature a minimalist design and built-in premium headphones, providing a harmonious experience for both the ears and the feet.

3. J.W. Anderson:

In a collaboration that merges fashion and sport, On partnered with renowned British designer J.W. Anderson. Together, they created a collection of stylish and forward-thinking running shoes that combine On’s technology with Anderson’s unique design aesthetics. This collaboration demonstrates On’s commitment to pushing boundaries and creating shoes that are not only functional but also visually striking.

4. Ironman World Championship:

On has been the official sponsor of the Ironman World Championship, one of the most prestigious endurance events in the world. This partnership showcases On’s commitment to supporting athletes in their pursuit of achieving their goals and setting new records. By providing top-notch footwear, On helps athletes perform at their best during these grueling events.

These collaborations and partnerships not only showcase the versatility and appeal of On running shoes but also allow the brand to tap into different industries and audiences. By teaming up with influential figures, designers, and renowned brands, On cements its position as a leader in the performance footwear market.

Through these collaborations, On continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of running shoes, creating products that not only perform at the highest level but also inspire individuals to reach new heights in their athletic pursuits.


On Running Shoes Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process of On running shoes combines advanced technology, skilled craftsmanship, and sustainable practices. Every step of the production process is meticulously executed to ensure the highest quality and performance. Let’s delve into the manufacturing process behind On running shoes:

1. Design and Development:

The journey begins with the design and development stage, where a team of designers and engineers work together to create innovative and functional shoe designs. These designs take into account the specific needs of different running styles and incorporate On’s signature technologies.

2. Material Selection:

Once the designs are finalized, careful consideration is given to the selection of materials. On places a strong emphasis on sustainable materials and works towards improving the environmental footprint of their products. They source premium materials that provide comfort, durability, and performance while minimizing the impact on the environment.

3. Prototyping:

Prototyping is a crucial step in the manufacturing process. It involves creating sample shoes based on the design specifications. This allows the team to test and refine the design, ensuring that it meets the functional and performance requirements set by On’s high standards.

4. Production:

Once the prototypes are approved, mass production begins. Skilled craftsmen and women utilize state-of-the-art machinery and techniques to meticulously assemble each component of the shoe. From cutting the materials to stitching and bonding, every detail is carefully executed to create a seamless and comfortable fit.

5. Quality Control:

Quality control is of utmost importance in the manufacturing process. On ensures that each pair of shoes undergoes rigorous testing and inspection to ensure they meet the brand’s high standards for comfort, performance, and durability. This involves checking the stitching, sole adhesion, cushioning, and overall construction of the shoe.

6. Packaging and Distribution:

After passing quality control checks, the finished shoes are carefully packaged to protect them during transportation. On prioritizes sustainable packaging materials whenever possible, aiming to minimize waste and reduce environmental impact. The shoes are then distributed to retailers and customers worldwide, ready to hit the roads, trails, and tracks.

The manufacturing process of On running shoes is a meticulous and intricate journey, combining cutting-edge technology with skilled craftsmanship. From the initial design phase to the final product, each step is carefully executed to ensure that runners receive a product that meets their performance needs while upholding On’s commitment to quality and sustainability.


Sustainability Practices of On Running Shoes

On running shoes not only prioritize performance and comfort but also strive to make a positive impact on the environment. The brand is committed to sustainability and has implemented various practices throughout their manufacturing process to reduce their environmental footprint. Here are some of the key sustainability initiatives of On:

1. Eco-friendly Materials:

On is dedicated to sourcing and using sustainable materials in the production of their running shoes. They actively work to reduce the use of virgin plastics by incorporating recycled materials in their shoe components. In addition, they strive to minimize waste by partnering with eco-friendly suppliers and manufacturers who share their commitment to sustainability.

2. High-grade Engineered Mesh:

On utilizes a high-grade engineered mesh in some of their shoe models, such as the Cyclon collection. This material is created from upcycled plastics, reducing the reliance on virgin materials. By repurposing plastic waste, On not only helps reduce pollution but also promotes the circular economy by giving new life to discarded materials.

3. Recycling Program:

On has established a recycling program to ensure that their shoes have a second life after they’ve been worn out. Customers can return their old On running shoes to designated collection points, where the shoes are recycled to create new products or transformed into alternative materials. This initiative helps reduce waste and encourages a more sustainable approach to footwear consumption.

4. Carbon Neutral Operations:

On is committed to offsetting their carbon emissions by investing in carbon offset projects. They work to reduce their carbon footprint throughout their operations, from manufacturing to distribution. Additionally, On is a member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, a group working to standardize sustainability practices in the apparel and footwear industry.

5. Responsible Packaging:

On strives to minimize packaging waste by using sustainable packaging materials and reducing unnecessary packaging whenever possible. They explore innovative solutions to make their packaging more eco-friendly, ensuring that their commitment to sustainability extends beyond the product itself.

6. Transparency and Accountability:

On believes in being transparent about their sustainability practices and progress. They regularly release sustainability reports detailing their initiatives and goals, allowing customers to understand the brand’s dedication to minimizing their environmental impact. On is continually seeking ways to improve their sustainability practices and actively engages with their community to make sustainable choices together.

On running shoes are not just a choice for performance and comfort; they are a choice for sustainable footwear. By prioritizing the use of eco-friendly materials, implementing recycling programs, and striving for carbon neutrality, On demonstrates their commitment to protecting the planet for future generations.


Celebrity Endorsements and Brand Ambassadors

On running shoes have garnered attention and popularity among athletes and celebrities around the world. Many renowned athletes and notable personalities have become brand ambassadors for On, endorsing the brand and its commitment to performance, innovation, and style. Let’s take a look at some of the celebrities who proudly sport and endorse On running shoes:

1. Roger Federer:

Tennis legend Roger Federer, known for his impeccable style both on and off the court, joined forces with On to collaborate on a line of tennis-inspired sneakers. Federer’s endorsement not only reflects his confidence in the quality of On running shoes but also highlights the brand’s ability to blend performance and fashion seamlessly.

2. Geraint Thomas:

Globally recognized as a British professional road cyclist, Geraint Thomas is a proud brand ambassador for On. Thomas, a former Tour de France winner, relies on On running shoes for his rigorous training sessions and competitions. His endorsement showcases the brand’s dedication to providing performance-driven footwear for athletes in various disciplines.

3. Emma Coburn:

Emma Coburn, an American middle-distance runner and Olympic medalist, is among the esteemed athletes who endorse On running shoes. Coburn’s partnership with On highlights the brand’s commitment to supporting athletes who strive for excellence in long-distance running events, and her endorsement further reinforces the quality and performance of On shoes.

4. Chris McDougall:

Chris McDougall, a bestselling author and renowned ultramarathon runner, became a brand ambassador for On running shoes. McDougall is known for his advocacy of natural running and the benefits of minimalist footwear, making him a perfect fit for On’s philosophy of combining cushioning with a lightweight design for a more natural running experience.

5. Margo Hayes:

Margo Hayes, a professional rock climber and the first woman to climb a route with a difficulty grade of 5.15, is a brand ambassador for On running shoes. Hayes’ endorsement highlights the versatility and performance of On shoes, as they provide the necessary traction and support for climbers during their challenging ascents.

Through their collaborations with elite athletes and personalities, On running shoes showcase their commitment to excellence and reliability. These endorsements reinforce the brand’s reputation for providing exceptional performance and comfort to athletes across various sports and disciplines.

On’s brand ambassadors not only symbolize the brand’s values but also inspire others to reach their full athletic potential. This collection of endorsements solidifies the brand’s dedication to innovation and quality, as it continues to refine and create running shoes that meet the demands of top athletes around the world.


Customer Reviews and Ratings

On running shoes have garnered widespread acclaim and positive feedback from customers around the world. Let’s explore some of the key aspects that customers appreciate and the overall perception of On running shoes based on customer reviews and ratings:

1. Comfort and Cushioning:

Many customers praise the exceptional comfort and cushioning provided by On running shoes. The CloudTec® technology, with its cloud-like pods on the sole, offers a soft and supportive landing, reducing impact on joints while providing a responsive and energized feel during runs. Customers often mention how comfortable and lightweight the shoes feel, allowing for long-distance runs without discomfort or fatigue.

2. Performance and Responsiveness:

Customers consistently highlight the performance and responsiveness of On running shoes. The innovative design and technology deliver a smooth and efficient running experience, making them ideal for both casual runners and competitive athletes. Many runners note that the shoes provide an excellent balance of cushioning and energy return, allowing for a more efficient gait and increased speed.

3. Versatility:

One of the standout features of On running shoes is their versatility. Customers appreciate that the shoes perform well on various surfaces, including roads, trails, and tracks. Whether running on pavement or off-road, On shoes offer reliable traction and support, providing confidence and stability during different types of runs.

4. Durability:

Customers consistently express satisfaction with the durability of On running shoes. The high-quality materials and meticulous manufacturing process ensure that the shoes withstand regular use and maintain their performance over time. Many runners comment on how their On shoes have lasted for multiple seasons without signs of wear or deterioration.

5. Stylish Designs:

On running shoes are praised for their sleek and stylish designs. Customers appreciate the modern aesthetics and the variety of color options available. On shoes not only perform exceptionally but also allow runners to express their personal style while hitting the road or trail.

Overall, customer reviews and ratings indicate a high level of satisfaction with On running shoes. Customers consistently acknowledge the comfort, performance, durability, and versatility of the shoes. The positive feedback serves as a testament to On’s commitment to continually improve and provide exceptional footwear for runners of all levels.

While every individual’s experience may vary, the overwhelmingly positive reviews and ratings from customers attest to the effectiveness and quality of On running shoes, making them a popular choice among runners seeking optimal comfort and performance.



In conclusion,

On running shoes have established themselves as a leading brand in the running shoe industry, captivating athletes and casual runners worldwide. With their innovative CloudTec® technology, On has revolutionized the running experience, providing cushioning, responsiveness, and comfort like no other.

The history of On running shoes is a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence and relentless pursuit of innovation. From their humble beginnings to becoming a global powerhouse, On has remained dedicated to providing top-quality footwear for runners of all levels.

Each collection within the On running shoes lineup offers unique features and benefits. From the Cloud collection for urban running to the Cloudventure collection for trail running, On has a shoe to suit every runner’s needs and preferences.

On’s focus on innovation and technology is evident in their use of advanced materials and design elements. From the CloudTec® technology to the use of eco-friendly materials, On shoes are crafted with the utmost attention to detail and a commitment to sustainability.

Furthermore, On has partnered with renowned athletes, celebrities, and brands, forging collaborations that further elevate their brand profile and expand their reach. These partnerships highlight the trust and confidence that notable figures place in the brand’s performance and style.

Customer reviews and ratings serve as a testament to the positive experiences runners have had with On running shoes. Customers consistently praise the comfort, performance, durability, and versatility of the shoes, demonstrating their effectiveness in meeting the needs of runners.

On running shoes have come a long way since their inception, solidifying themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the running shoe market. The brand’s dedication to innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction make On a reliable choice for athletes and running enthusiasts alike.

Whether you’re a seasoned runner or a beginner looking to embark on your running journey, On running shoes have proven themselves to be a trusted companion. With their unparalleled comfort, performance, and style, On shoes are designed to elevate your running experience and help you reach new heights.