Gender: Best Running Shorts

Whether you’re male or female, and whatever your athletic needs may be, we’ve condensed a list of the best sports apparel that you can get in 2020 (and beyond). Read on for the top 3 products of each category, and find answers to commonly asked questions.

Best Running Shorts for Men

Who says men can’t be fashionable, too? With a plethora of male sportswear apparel available, there’s no valid excuse to not looking good while running any more.

To save precious time, check out our guide on running shorts for men: it includes the important factors affecting your buying decision (includes top picks). You’ll never need another guide again.

Best Running Shorts For Women

Lightweight and comfortable, these pretty women’s running shorts are must-have for both veteran athletes and newbie runners.

Instantly master the know-hows of choosing the perfect pair of shorts with our best running shorts for women guide. Exclusive tips inside.

Best Running Shorts For Boys

Boys like it cool: we’ll give you cool! There’s nothing like the confidence that comes with wearing a pair of sleek, well-fitting running shorts.

Save effort and time with our ultimate buying guide on running shorts for boys.

Best Running Shorts For Girls

The best running shorts for girls help you more than just run quickly. Snap that perfect #OOTD pre-workout to share with your friends on Instagram.

We’ve done all the research for you, so you can sit back and take it easy:  here’s our ultimate buying guide on running shorts for girls, which includes important factors to consider before your purchase.

Best Unisex Running Shorts

Effortlessly achieve that cool androgynous look with unisex running shorts. Boy or girl, man or woman, these basics are sure to appeal to every the most fussy of users.

Breaking: our ultimate buying guide contains hacks no-one else knows about. Click here to know everything there is to know about unisex running shorts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Running Shorts – Gender

1. How To Keep Running Shorts From Riding Up Men?

Frustrated that your shorts keep riding up during your running sessions? It might be that the particular size of running shorts is not the correct one for you. To prevent your shorts from riding up, we recommend you go for shorts that are one size larger than your usual size, or compression-type running shorts that adhere to the waist and thighs.

2. Can Guys Wear Girl Shorts?

Yes, but we don’t recommend it. The lining of girl’s running shorts tend to be thinner, and do not provide the support that guys need. Furthermore, males and females tend to have vastly different body shapes; running shorts for each gender are designed differently for the best possible fit.

3. Why Do Women’s Running Shorts Have Liners?

A liner serves as a form of support and prevents chafing of the genital region from the constant friction with fabric. Liners also remove the need to put on underwear, and make your runs more comfortable overall.

More Running Shorts Gender Ideas