Under Armour Men's Launch Woven 5-inch Short

Value both aesthetics and functionality? Then 5-inch running shorts are for you!

Running shorts come in a variety of lengths and materials. Of the many variations,  5-inch running shorts arguably strike the best balance between comfort and support.

The result? Lightweight shorts which allow for free movement! 

Without further ado, here are 10 of our all-time favorites: 

1. MIER Men’s Workout Running Shorts

Mier's men running shorts
Photo by Amazon

The Mier men’s workout running shorts are a pair of super lightweight and breathable training shorts. They are made from a silky soft, lighter-than-feather fabric.

Feeling hot? The fabric on these 5-inch running shorts are spliced with a micro air mesh. It ventilates and cools down your skin during your runs.

Thanks to the quick-dry technology embedded into the fabric, these running shorts absorb moisture and dry off rapidly.

Other features in the Mier men’s running shorts include two deep slash side pockets and one internal drop pocket for easy and secure storage.

These running shorts are also built with a special four-way stretch fabric that enables greater mobility.

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2. MIER Women’s 5” Workout Running Shorts

MIER Women's 5” Workout Running Shorts
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This lightweight yet durable high-performance women’s running shorts provide a quick-drying and comfortable wearing experience.

The elastic waist, which sits comfortably on your skin, comes with built-in underwear that provides extra support and comfort.

These running shorts are designed with a stretchy mesh panel on the crotch and back area for enhanced mobility and ventilation.

The multifunctional pockets are separated into two side zippered pockets, namely: one center-back zipped pocket and one inner key pocket for your belongings. 

MIER Women’s 5 Inches Running Shorts is available for purchase here. 

3. New Balance Men’s 5 Inch Shorts

New Balance Men's 5 inch Short
Photo by Amazon

New Balance Men’s 5-inch running shorts are not just good-looking – they function excellently as well.

An added drawcord elastic waistband and internal briefs guarantee a secure, yet comfortable fit.

These 100% recycled polyester running shorts come with an in-built crepe brief liner. The liner is also the perfect length to provide enough support and coverage during your runs.

Last but not least, a key pocket at its waist is very handy: it enables the runner to store keys and other essential items.

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4. ASICS Men’s Silver 5″ Running Shorts

asics silver 5 inch running shorts
Photo by Amazon

Become a legend on the field with these ASICS Men’s silver five-inch running shorts. 

While relaxed, the fit on these running shorts are definitely not sloppy. This makes them perfect for any physical activity such as gym workouts and track running.

An elastic waistband and inner-brief lining also provide additional comfort and support for every runner.

Among other features, these men’s running shorts include reflective elements to increase visibility during low-light conditions. 

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5. BALEAF Men’s 5 Inches Running Athletic Shorts

baleaf running shorts 5 inch
Photo by Amazon

The Baleaf men’s 5-inch running shorts offer an athletic fit that’s perfect for running, training, Crossfit, and more.

These running shorts are guaranteed to improve overall performance by helping runners stay focused throughout their workouts.

These lightweight men’s running shorts are made from a polyester and spandex blend fabric that comes with quick-dry features.

The built-in mesh also provides added support while maintaining a breathable fit for comfortability.

Other features include the inner drawcord that ensures a snug fit throughout your workouts, two side pockets, and an additional rear zip pocket for added convenience. 

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6. Starter Men’s 5″ Running Shorts

Starter Men's 5 Running Short with Pockets
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Since 1971, Starter has been making iconic gear for sports fans and athletes all around the world. 

This 5-inch inseam running shorts will keep you moving throughout your training sessions. For that, its lightweight polyester-spandex blend fabric, and inner brief liner support are to be thanked! 

These men’s running shorts also feature Starter’s DRI-STAR technology that keeps runners cool and dry all day long.

Apart from that, the fabric on these running shorts also features the STRETCH-STAR fabric.

This fabric is built specifically to allow athletes an enhanced range of movement and recovery. 

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7. Starter Women’s 5″ Lacrosse Shorts

Starter Women's 5 Lacrosse Short with Pockets,
Photo by Amazon

These 100% polyester women’s running shorts are an essential part of any female athlete’s wardrobe.

Move easily and without restrictions, thanks to the flexible non-shrink fabric the shorts are made of. These women’s running shorts provide the right amount of coverage and support for any female athlete’s needs.

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8. Under Armour Men’s Launch Woven 5 Inch Short

Under Armour Men's Launch Woven 5-inch Short
Photo by Amazon

This ultra-light, four-way stretch woven fabric offers complete freedom of movement. The Under Armour men’s launch woven 5-inch running shorts come with an internal mesh liner. This feature helps moisture escape and adds breathability. 

The mesh side panels also add extra ventilation inside the shorts for cool and comfortable training sessions.

Not only that, these running shorts also include a special anti-odor technology in the lining of the shorts. The lining effectively prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes.

Top it all off with an elastic waistband and an adjustable internal drawcord. Tada – you have the perfect pair of running shorts!

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9. TSLA Men’s 5 Inch Running Shorts

TSLA Men's 5 inches Zipped Pocket Lightweight Running Shorts
Photo by Amazon

The TSLA brand guarantees to be the best and only running shorts brand runners will ever need. Not satisfied with your item? You can get your money back!

“Quality” would probably be the word to describe their men’s 5-inch running shorts. They come with an active elastic waistband and adjustable cord for a customizable fit.

And that’s not all – the split leg design also provides runners with greater freedom of movement!

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10. EZRUN Men’s 5 Inches Running Workout Shorts

EZRUN Men's 5 Inches Running Workout Shorts
Photo by Amazon

The men’s 5-inch running shorts from EZRUN are embedded with a quick-drying fabric technology that wicks away moisture during your workout.

Its lightweight and comfortable polyester and spandex blend fabric is built to support runners all day long. 

Moreover, side pockets and a rear zip pocket provide convenient and secure storage for your valuables as you run. 

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Make no mistake – running shorts are more than just athletic wear. 

They are necessities specially made to give support and comfort to competitive runners.

Not only do their snug designs provide the much-needed muscle support runners need, but the lack of loose fabric also prevents chafing too. 

Want the best of aesthetics and functionality? Hurry and choose these 5-inch running shorts today!