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The Pros and Cons of Unisex Running Shorts The Pros and Cons of Unisex Running Shorts

Unisex Running Shorts

The Pros and Cons of Unisex Running Shorts

Explore the pros and cons of unisex running shorts. Make an informed decision about whether unisex running shorts are the right choice for your running needs.

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As running continues to gain popularity, runners have become more selective about their running gear. In particular, running shorts, the go-to attire for both casual and professional runners, have undergone tremendous changes to meet the varied needs of this diverse group. One of the newest trends is the emergence of unisex running shorts. As the name suggests, these shorts are designed to be worn by both men and women. But like every product, unisex running shorts come with their pros and cons. Let’s dive in to discover what they have to offer.

Understanding Unisex Running Shorts

Unisex running shorts, in essence, aim to bridge the gap between the traditional gender-specific designs. They are made with the idea of ‘one size fits all,’ offering a blend of features from both men’s and women’s shorts. They are generally characterized by a comfortable fit, moderate length, and versatile design.

The Pros of Unisex Running Shorts

Unisex running shorts bring several advantages to the table:

Inclusive Design

The primary benefit of unisex running shorts is their inclusive design. These shorts cater to runners who don’t feel represented or comfortable in traditional men’s or women’s specific running shorts. They allow individuals to choose shorts based on their comfort rather than conforming to gender-based norms.


Unisex running shorts, thanks to their generic design, are extremely versatile. They are suitable for a wide range of physical activities beyond running, such as gym workouts, hiking, or casual wear.

Expanded Options

With unisex running shorts, runners are no longer limited to the designs and styles available in their gender-specific section. This can significantly expand their options, especially for those who prefer a style typically associated with the opposite gender.

Easier Sizing

Unisex running shorts often offer more straightforward sizing. By eliminating the differences between men’s and women’s sizes, they can make the shopping process more straightforward.

The Cons of Unisex Running Shorts

Despite their benefits, unisex running shorts also come with certain drawbacks:

Compromised Fit

Since unisex running shorts aim to cater to all, they might not provide the best fit for everyone. For instance, they may not provide the level of support some men prefer or the style and cut some women seek.

Limited Customization

Unlike gender-specific shorts, unisex shorts offer limited customization options. They typically come in one style, which may not cater to the specific needs of every runner.

Size Discrepancies

While unisex sizes aim to simplify the shopping process, they can sometimes create confusion. For instance, a size medium in unisex might not align with what a person usually wears in gender-specific clothing.

Potentially Less Flattering

For those who prefer gender-specific styles because they feel more flattering, unisex shorts may fall short in this regard.

Different Styles of Running Shorts

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Unisex running shorts are a promising new addition to the world of running attire. They are inclusive, versatile, and offer expanded options for runners. However, they might not be the perfect fit for everyone due to potential issues with fit, customization, sizing, and style. Therefore, when choosing your running shorts, consider what’s most important to you in terms of comfort, style, and function. And remember, the right shorts for you are the ones that make you feel confident and comfortable, allowing you to focus solely on your run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are unisex running shorts suitable for long-distance running?

Unisex running shorts can be suitable for long-distance running, provided they offer the comfort, breathability, and features you need for extended running sessions.

What is the difference between unisex running shorts and gender-specific running shorts?

The primary difference lies in their design. Unisex running shorts aim to offer a design suitable for all genders, while gender-specific shorts cater to the anatomical and preference differences of each gender.

Can unisex running shorts provide the same level of support as gender-specific running shorts?

This largely depends on the design and quality of the shorts. Some unisex shorts may provide adequate support for all runners, while others may fall short compared to gender-specific designs.

Are unisex running shorts more affordable than gender-specific running shorts?

The price of running shorts can vary greatly based on factors such as brand, material, and features, not necessarily whether they’re unisex or gender-specific.

Are there any major brands that offer unisex running shorts?

Yes, many leading sportswear brands offer unisex running shorts. Always check the product descriptions and reviews to ensure they meet your specific needs.