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How Often Should You Change Your Gym Shorts? How Often Should You Change Your Gym Shorts?

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How Often Should You Change Your Gym Shorts?

Discover how often you should change your gym shorts. Make informed decisions about when to replace your gym shorts based on your individual needs and the condition of your shorts.

Whether you are a seasoned gym-goer or a novice, your gym attire plays a crucial role in your workout comfort and effectiveness. While a lot of attention is given to the right shoes, appropriate upper body wear, and proper hydration, one question often flies under the radar – “How often should you change your gym shorts?”

The answer to this seemingly trivial question has implications on your personal hygiene, skin health, and overall workout experience. Let’s take a comprehensive look at why regularly changing and washing your gym shorts matters and how often you should be doing it.

Why Changing Gym Shorts Regularly is Essential

Regardless of the intensity of your gym routine, working out inevitably leads to sweat. And where there’s sweat, there’s a conducive environment for bacteria and other microbes.

Skin Health

Your sweat, combined with dead skin cells, provides a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. When left unwashed, gym shorts can lead to skin infections, including fungal ones like Athlete’s foot or jock itch.

Odor Control

Bacteria present in sweat contribute significantly to body odor. Wearing the same unwashed gym shorts repeatedly can lead to unpleasant odors that can make your gym experience, and that of those around you, less than pleasant.

Overall Hygiene

Regularly changing and washing your gym shorts is a part of maintaining personal hygiene, which plays a key role in preserving your health and wellness.

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Deciding How Often to Change Your Gym Shorts

The frequency with which you should change your gym shorts depends on several factors, including the intensity of your workout, how much you sweat, the type of fabric of the shorts, and your personal preferences.

Intensity of Your Workout and Sweat Levels

A simple rule of thumb is this: The more you sweat, the more frequently you should change your gym shorts.

For example, if you engage in high-intensity workouts that leave your gym shorts soaked in sweat, it’s best to change them after each workout session. In contrast, for light exercises or activities that don’t make you sweat much, you might be able to wear your gym shorts twice before washing them.

Fabric Type

The fabric of your gym shorts also influences how often they need to be changed. Synthetic fabrics like nylon or polyester are designed to wick sweat away, keeping you dry and comfortable. These shorts may be worn for two light workouts, provided they dry out completely between uses.

Conversely, gym shorts made from natural fabrics like cotton absorb moisture and can become uncomfortable when sweaty. Such shorts should ideally be changed after each workout session.

Personal Preferences

Personal comfort and preferences also come into play. Some people prefer the feel of freshly laundered shorts for each workout, while others might be okay with wearing the same pair for two light workouts. As long as you’re maintaining overall hygiene and your gym shorts are not starting to smell or cause discomfort, it’s okay to follow your personal preference.

Conclusion: A Habit of Hygiene

Understanding how often to change your gym shorts is more than just about adhering to laundry schedules. It’s about maintaining personal hygiene, ensuring skin health, and enhancing your overall workout experience. Remember, if in doubt, it’s always better to err on the side of cleanliness. After all, starting your workout with a fresh pair of gym shorts can also provide a psychological boost, setting you up for an effective workout session.


How many times can I wear gym shorts before washing if I don’t sweat a lot?

If you don’t sweat a lot and your workout is light, you might be able to wear your gym shorts twice before washing. However, they should still be washed regularly to maintain hygiene.

Can wearing the same gym shorts for multiple workouts cause skin infections?

Yes, if the gym shorts are not cleaned regularly, bacteria and fungi can accumulate, leading to skin infections. This is particularly likely if the shorts are damp with sweat.

Does the fabric of the gym shorts affect how many times they can be worn before washing?

Yes, synthetic fabrics designed for workouts can sometimes be worn for more than one light workout. However, they should still be washed regularly. Conversely, shorts made from natural fabrics like cotton should be washed after each wear.

Can I wear my gym shorts for other non-gym workouts before washing them?

Depending on the intensity of the workout and how much you sweat, you might be able to wear your gym shorts for a non-gym workout. However, if the shorts get sweaty or dirty, they should be washed immediately.

If I’m traveling and don’t have access to a washer, can I wear the same gym shorts for multiple days?

In a pinch, you can air out your gym shorts and wear them for more than one workout while traveling. However, they should be washed as soon as you have access to a washer.