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Should You Wear Warm Gear Like Hoodies On a Run? Should You Wear Warm Gear Like Hoodies On a Run?

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Should You Wear Warm Gear Like Hoodies On a Run?

Is wearing warm clothing like hoodies a good idea on a run? Click here to find out.

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Should the question be – should you go running at all? Unless you live in sunny LA or somewhere similar, it’s the season not to run. Or, at least, it’s the season to decide whether it’s worth going out in the cold and rain to complete your daily 5K.

And if you look outside and see some frost on the ground or clouds in the sky, should you put on warm gear like hoodies, or is that a rookie runner’s mistake? Read on to find out more.

Understanding Your Body’s Thermoregulation

Do you understand your body’s thermoregulation? When you exercise, your body generates a lot of heat. You’ll probably notice that as sweat drips down your face. Why? Your body is trying to cool itself down (hello, biology!). If you’re cozied up under a hoodie – you might overheat.

That said, starting a run feeling a tad chilly isn’t a bad thing. Your body will warm up naturally as you get moving.

The Pros of Wearing a Hoodie

Let’s start with the pros. There are some solid reasons to wear blank hoodies from websites like Wordans. If you look outside and it’s cold, a hoodie can help you warm up quickly. Let’s not forget about those early morning or evening runs when the temperature isn’t appealing at all. 

If you’re going on a gentle tempo training run, a hoodie won’t cause you issues. A hoodie can provide that extra layer of protection, and you can get some moisture-wicking material to help control sweat.

The Cons

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Sadly, there are some negatives to wearing a hoodie, especially a bulky one. One word. Overheating. Not to be dramatic, but if you’re overheating and sweating for long enough without enough fluids and electrolytes, you’ll get dehydrated. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is.

Also, if we’re talking about traditional hoodies, they might not offer the best mobility.

Alternatives to Traditional Hoodies

So, what’s the middle ground? Running specific gear with thermoregulatory control. You can buy running jackets that’ll keep you warm without bogging you down – but we have to admit, they can be expensive. Look at the LuLu Lemon running range if you want to make your eyes water. If you ask us, it’s too pricey

Still, they’re designed to be breathable and moisture-wicking. These give you the insulation you need without turning you into a walking sauna. And they’re made with stretchy material, so if you like wearing oversized hoodies to run because they cover you up, you can find running alternatives that do the same.

Listening to Your Body

At the end of the day, you have to listen to your body. Well, more your mind. If you look outside and think you don’t want to feel the cold on your run, you should wear a hoodie. If you look outside and it’s raining but want to go for a run, don’t wear a hoodie. Believe it or not, they’re not waterproof at all. Everyone’s different, and what works for one runner might not for another. But if you wear a hoodie on your run and feel bogged down or you’re overheating, don’t wear a hoodie

So, there you have it! Whether or not to wear a hoodie on your run is a bit of a balancing act. It’s not the best, and you can find alternatives like a good windbreaker – but it won’t harm you too much. If anything, the conversation should be about what running shoes to wear to stop your feet from blistering and your hips from creaking.