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Navigating Your First Day at the Gym: What to Wear? Navigating Your First Day at the Gym: What to Wear?

Design: Best Running Shorts

Navigating Your First Day at the Gym: What to Wear?

Navigate your first day at the gym with confidence by learning what to wear. Explore the essential considerations when choosing gym attire, including comfort, functionality, and personal style.

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Starting your fitness journey is an exciting step towards a healthier lifestyle, and the first day at the gym is often filled with a mix of anticipation and nervousness. One of the key questions that can add to the pre-gym jitters is, “What should I wear on my first day at the gym?”

With the right guidance, choosing the perfect outfit can be a breeze and can significantly enhance your first workout experience. Here’s a comprehensive guide that helps you pick the best attire for your first day at the gym, focusing primarily on running shorts.

Understanding Gym Attire Basics

Before we delve into specifics, let’s understand some general principles when it comes to gym attire:

  • Comfort: Above all, your gym clothes should be comfortable. They should allow free movement and not restrict your workout in any way.
  • Fit: Your clothes should ideally be well-fitted – not too tight, not too loose. This helps avoid any discomfort or accidents while using equipment.
  • Material: Opt for sweat-wicking material. These fabrics pull sweat away from your skin, keeping you dry and comfortable.
  • Appropriate: Gym clothes should be respectful and considerate of the shared space. Overly revealing or offensive attire can be distracting to others.

Now that we have a foundation, let’s delve into specific items.

The Running Shorts

Running shorts are a popular choice for gym-goers due to their versatility and comfort. Here’s what you should look for:

  • Fit: Choose running shorts that are not too tight or too loose. An adjustable waistband can ensure a perfect fit.
  • Length: The length of your running shorts is largely a matter of personal preference. However, most men prefer shorts that end above the knee for ease of movement.
  • Material: Opt for lightweight, breathable material that wicks sweat. Some popular options are polyester, nylon, or blends of these materials.
  • Additional Features: Look for running shorts with pockets, built-in briefs for support, or reflective details if you plan to run outside after your gym session.

The Top

When choosing a top to pair with your running shorts, follow these guidelines:

  • Type: A simple t-shirt or a tank top works well for most gym workouts. Some prefer tank tops for workouts that make you sweat more, like HIIT or spin class.
  • Material: Like your shorts, choose a top made of sweat-wicking material to keep you comfortable.
  • Fit: The fit of your top should allow for full range of movement. A well-fitted top is snug but not restrictive.
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The Shoes

Footwear is a crucial part of your gym outfit. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Type: Cross-training shoes are a good choice for a beginner as they’re designed for various types of workouts. Running shoes are specifically designed for running, offering more cushioning.
  • Fit: Your shoes should be comfortable and well-fitted. Try them on before buying and make sure there’s enough room to wiggle your toes.


Finish off your gym outfit with some helpful accessories:

  • Socks: Opt for sweat-wicking socks to keep your feet dry and comfortable.
  • Water Bottle: Staying hydrated is key during your workouts. Bring a water bottle along.
  • Towel: A small towel is useful for wiping sweat during an intense workout.
  • Headphones: If you prefer working out with music, wireless headphones are a great investment.


Your first day at the gym is all about getting comfortable and taking the first steps toward your fitness goals. With this guide, you should be well-prepared to tackle the question, “What should I wear on my first day at the gym?” and focus on what truly matters – your workout.


Is it necessary to wear running shorts to the gym?

No, it’s not necessary to wear running shorts to the gym. Choose the attire you’re most comfortable in. However, running shorts are a versatile and comfortable option for most workouts.

What should I avoid wearing to the gym?

Avoid wearing clothes that restrict your movement, like jeans or overly tight clothes. Also, avoid wearing open-toed shoes for safety reasons.

Is it okay to wear sleeveless tops to the gym?

Yes, sleeveless tops are perfectly fine to wear at the gym, especially for workouts that make you sweat a lot.

Can I wear running shoes for all types of workouts?

While running shoes are designed for running, they can be worn for other workouts as well. However, for certain workouts like weightlifting, specialized shoes might be beneficial.

Is it necessary to invest in expensive gym attire?

No, it’s not necessary to invest in expensive gym clothes. As long as your gym clothes are comfortable, well-fitted, and made of sweat-wicking material, they should work fine.