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Do Most Guys Go Commando? Unraveling the Running Shorts Mystery Do Most Guys Go Commando? Unraveling the Running Shorts Mystery


Do Most Guys Go Commando? Unraveling the Running Shorts Mystery

Unravel the mystery of whether most guys go commando while wearing running shorts. Explore the facts and considerations surrounding this topic, including hygiene, comfort, and personal preference.

In the world of fitness and particularly running, the question often arises, “Do most guys go commando?” When the running shorts are on and the miles lie ahead, do men prefer to free themselves from the confines of underwear? It’s a curious inquiry that warrants a deep dive into the world of running etiquette, comfort, and personal preferences.

Going Commando: A Quick Primer

First things first, let’s clarify what going commando means. In simple terms, it’s the practice of not wearing underwear beneath one’s clothing. It’s been part of human history for centuries, but its popularity fluctuates with time, place, and societal norms. In the context of running, the choice to go commando is usually dictated by considerations like comfort, convenience, and performance.

Understanding the Running Commando Phenomenon

Several factors contribute to why some guys might prefer to ditch their underwear when donning running shorts:

Reduced Chafing

Running involves repetitive movement, which can cause chafing. By removing an extra layer of fabric, the risk of friction and subsequent discomfort can be reduced.

Increased Comfort

Some men find it more comfortable to run without underwear. They feel it allows for more freedom of movement.

Better Ventilation

Going commando allows for better air circulation, which can help regulate body temperature during a run.


By eliminating underwear, runners can simplify their running gear and avoid the need for laundry after each run.

Full Laundry Load

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Is It Really Common?

The question of whether most guys go commando when running is not straightforward to answer. A simple reason being that it’s a deeply personal choice and depends on various factors, such as personal comfort, running conditions, and the type of running shorts used. Furthermore, it’s a topic that not everyone is open to discussing, which makes it challenging to ascertain its prevalence.

However, in the running community, it is generally accepted that a considerable number of men prefer running commando, especially when wearing running shorts with built-in liners. 

Considerations and Potential Drawbacks

While there can be benefits to going commando while running, it’s important to be aware of the potential drawbacks:

Risk of Irritation or Infection

Without the protective layer of underwear, there could be an increased risk of irritation or infection, particularly if you’re not diligent about cleanliness or choose the wrong running shorts.

Privacy Concerns

Some running shorts may become see-through when wet or cling to the body, potentially leading to awkward situations if you’re not wearing underwear.

Choosing the Right Shorts

It’s crucial to choose running shorts that are suitable for going commando, ideally those with built-in liners. Wearing the wrong shorts without underwear can lead to discomfort.

Tips for Going Commando in Running Shorts

Considering trying out running commando? Here are some tips to make the experience as comfortable as possible:

Select the Right Shorts

Choose running shorts designed to be worn without underwear, with built-in liners that offer support and comfort.

Cleanliness is Key

Be sure to wash your shorts after each run to maintain hygiene and prevent bacteria build-up.

Test Different Scenarios

Try running commando on shorter runs first to see how it feels before going on longer runs.


So, do most guys go commando when running in shorts? The answer is complex, as it ultimately depends on individual preferences and comfort levels. While a substantial number of male runners prefer going commando, it’s by no means a universal practice. If you decide to give it a try, remember to select suitable shorts, prioritize hygiene, and most importantly, do what feels most comfortable for you.


1. Is it hygienic to go commando while running? 

As long as you maintain good hygiene practices, like washing your running shorts after every run, it can be perfectly hygienic to go commando.

2. Can going commando cause chafing? 

Actually, many runners find that going commando reduces chafing, as it eliminates an extra layer of fabric that can cause friction.

3. What type of running shorts are best for going commando? 

Look for running shorts that are designed to be worn without underwear, ideally those with built-in liners that can provide some support and comfort.

4. Are there any risks associated with going commando while running? 

There can be some risks, such as increased risk of irritation or infection, particularly if you’re not diligent about cleanliness or if you choose the wrong running shorts.

5. How can I make running commando more comfortable? 

Choosing the right shorts is crucial. Opt for ones with built-in liners designed to be worn without underwear. Also, start by going commando on shorter runs to see how it feels before attempting longer ones.