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Layers on the Run: Do People Still Wear Tights Under Shorts? Layers on the Run: Do People Still Wear Tights Under Shorts?


Layers on the Run: Do People Still Wear Tights Under Shorts?

Discover the enduring practice of wearing tights under shorts during running in this insightful article. Whether you're a seasoned runner or curious about running attire trends, this article sheds light on the continued popularity of wearing tights under shorts and the benefits it can provide.

The age-old debate continues: Do people still wear tights under shorts? This intriguing fashion trend has become a common sight, especially in the athletic sphere. Whether it’s a cold morning jog or an intense marathon, many runners seem to find this combination both functional and fashionable. Let’s delve into this trend, its origins, the reasons behind it, and its current relevance.

Origins of the Trend: Shorts Over Tights

The trend of wearing shorts over tights didn’t emerge overnight. It is believed to have begun with football players who started wearing compression shorts or tights under their regular shorts for added support and injury prevention. This athletic practice gradually spilled over into other sports, including running, and evolved into a global trend.

Reasons Behind the Trend

There are several reasons why runners may choose to wear tights under their shorts. Here are some of them:

  • Comfort and Support: Tights can provide support to muscles and reduce chafing during long runs. When worn under shorts, they allow for the flexibility and freedom of shorts, combined with the snug fit and support of tights.
  • Temperature Control: Tights can offer a layer of warmth in colder weather while shorts can keep you cool when it’s warm. Combining the two can help to regulate body temperature during a run.
  • Modesty: Some runners may feel more comfortable wearing shorts over tights for modesty’s sake, as tights can be quite revealing.
  • Fashion Statement: For some, it’s simply a matter of personal style. The combination can be a cool, unique way to express one’s fashion sense.

Modern Day Relevance: Is the Trend Still Alive?

Fast forward to today, and yes, people are indeed still wearing tights under shorts. This combination continues to be a popular choice for runners, footballers, and athletes across various sports. It’s also become more prevalent in the casual fashion scene.

However, like any fashion trend, opinions are divided. Some individuals find the look stylish and practical, while others may not understand the appeal. The key lies in personal preference and comfort.

The Fashion Functionality Perspective

From a fashion-functionality standpoint, the combination of shorts over tights combines the best of both worlds. The tights offer a sleek, form-fitting silhouette that can highlight the shape and movement of the legs, while the shorts add a casual, sporty element that can break up the monotony of the tights.

Moreover, shorts over tights can also be a practical combination. Tights, particularly compression tights, can provide muscle support and improve circulation during a run. At the same time, shorts can offer additional coverage and a loose, comfortable fit.


So, do people still wear tights under shorts? The answer is a resounding yes. Whether for comfort, support, temperature regulation, modesty, or simply a fashion statement, this trend has stood the test of time. It is a testament to the merging of functionality and fashion, proving that trends often arise from a need and stay for the style.


Why do runners wear tights under shorts?

Runners wear tights under shorts for a combination of reasons, including muscle support, temperature regulation, comfort, modesty, and personal style.

Is wearing tights under shorts a fashion statement?

Yes, for some people, wearing tights under shorts can be a unique way to express their personal style. However, the combination also offers several practical benefits, such as support and comfort.

Is it okay to wear tights under shorts?

Absolutely! Whether you’re running, hitting the gym, or just out for a casual day, wearing tights under shorts is perfectly fine. It all boils down to your comfort and personal style.

Do women wear tights under shorts as well?

Yes, this trend is unisex. Many women also choose to wear tights under shorts for the same reasons – support, comfort, temperature control, modesty, and fashion.

How do I choose the right tights and shorts combination for running?

When selecting the right combination, consider the material and fit of both the tights and shorts. They should be made of breathable, moisture-wicking fabric. The tights should offer a snug fit for muscle support, while the shorts should provide a comfortable, loose fit. Your personal comfort and style preference should be the guiding factors.

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