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Many “fashionable” athletic gear often sacrifice functionality over their look. However, there are still brands out there offering comfort, enhanced performance and stylish design, such as Puma running shorts. If you want to look good all while staying comfortable on your run or jog, here are twenty of Puma’s sleek and stylish activewear selections that you may want to look into.

Men’s Shorts 

1. Reactive Drirelease Men’s Short

Current website selling price: US$35

One of Puma’s best running short is the reactive Drirelease Men’s Short. It features Puma’s dryCELL technology and is made of Drirelease fabric, both of which help in moisture-wicking and keeping your dry. This regular-fit short is perfect for night runs too, thanks to the reflective Puma branding on one of the thighs. 

2. Get Fast Men’s Short 

Current website selling price: US$40

Another widely-known design of men’s running shorts under the Puma brand is the Get Fast Men’s Short. These puma running shorts also features Puma’s moisture-wicking athleticwear technology that keeps you dry. It also has flatlock stitching that protects wearers from chafing. This short design is also one of Puma’s many reflective running gear that are perfect to use outdoors at night.

3. Power BND Men’s Short 

Current website selling price: US$45

If you’re looking for breathability in running shorts, all while keeping it securely in place, then look no further than Puma’s Power BND Short. Like previous entries, it makes use of dryCELL technology that wicks away moisture from your skin. This short is also breathable, thanks to the mesh insert in the back, and nonrestrictive, due to this design’s gusset insert. Unlike the two previous entries in this list, Power BND has a relaxed fit and is made up of 100% Polyester. 

4. Men’s Liga Short 

Current Amazon selling price: US$16 to US$66

If you’re looking to make a statement without sacrificing comfort while on your run, try to seek out Puma’s Liga Short. It’s available in a wide array of striking colors. The Liga Short also makes use of dryCELL technology to keep sweat and moisture at bay. It’s also lightweight, breathable and comfortable to wear for long periods of time 

5. Cross The Line Split Short 

Current Amazon selling price: US$44.99

If you’re looking for puma tech suits or running gear for long runs, you should check out the Cross The Line Split Short. It’s shorter length and relaxed fit are paired with Puma outfits’ signature dryCELL technology and flatlock stitches. All these work together to keep you safe and moisture-free, all while helping enhance your performance.

6. Cross The Line Short Tights

Current Amazon selling price: US$12 to US$65

Belonging to the same family as the previous entry in this list are the Cross The Line Short Tights by Puma. However, instead of a relaxed fit, this running gear features a more body-hugging silhouette, providing both support and comfort. It features Puma’s signature moisture-wicking technology and anti-chafing flatlock seams. 

7. Evostripe Men’s Short

Current website selling price: US$45

To move without restrictions, you need a pair of running shorts that will let you do so. The Evostripe Men’s Short is one such pair. Typical of many Puma running shorts, it makes use of moisture-absorbing technology that keeps your skin dry. It also provides you with a wide movement range, thanks to sleek design with side slits. It also has zippered pockets to store your valuables in, and it’s made using mixed cotton and polyester fabric.

8. PUMA Cat Men’s Short

Current website selling price: US$30

It’s hard to look for running shorts that are both stylish and functional. Luckily, Puma Cat Men’s Short exists, featuring the brand’s signature drying technology and flatlock seams. It’s ergonomically designed to have cut lines that provide wearers with maximum movement freedom. This type of Puma running short is made with a Polyester material, and it’s currently available in six styles. 

9. Ignite Blocked Men’s 7-inch Short

Current website selling price: US$35

Retro shorts have gone back in style, and you can don it too without worrying about performance issues in the form of Puma’s Ignite Blocked short. It features a built in brief that enhances your running performance and a mesh interior for comfort and breathability. It’s also the perfect short to wear in low light, as it’s one of many Puma reflective running gear with reflective design accents. Additionally, this style of male shorts has a regular fit and provides you with zip pockets for your valuables. 

10. Ignite Men’s Split Shorts

Current website selling price: US$32

In the same family as the previous entry in this list is the Ignite Men’s Split Shorts. However, unlike it’s 7-inch brother, these male track shorts have a short, regular fit construction. It’s made with polyester fabric with reflective design accents that makes it good to wear during night runs. Additionally, it makes use of dryCELL technology for moisture-wicking and it has a built-in brief structure for ultimate comfort. 

11. Collective Men’s Knit Short

Current website selling price: US$35

Another piece of Puma running gear that lets you move with minimal restriction is the collective Men’s Knit short. The designed cuts provide you with a lot of movement freedom and flexibility. Additionally, it features dryCELL technology that’ll keep your comfortable and moisture-free. It’s made with a polyester material, and it has a regular fit. 

12. Last Lap 2-in-1 Shorts

Current website selling price: US$40

In the activewear world, you can also have the best of both worlds. The Last Lap 2-in-1 Shorts are men’s track shorts designed with an outer layer made with woven stretch fabric. This provides you with better movement. Meanwhile, the inner mesh short structure provides breathability, flexibility and comfort, all while giving you support. The Last Lap short also features moisture-wicking technology and is made with Polyester and elastane. 

Women’s Shorts 

13. Ignite Women’s Tight Short

Current website selling price:  US$38

Looking for a sleek, form-hugging but still comfortable type of running shorts? Look no further than Puma’s Ignite Women’s Tight short. Apart from being comfortable, it also has moisture-wicking technology that’ll keep you dry throughout your workout. It also has reflective accent designs, which are perfect for jogging while it’s dark out. These shorts also feature a tunneled drawstring waistband for a snug fit, where you can also find an invisible inner waistband pocket.

14. Ignite Women’s Short

Current website selling price: US$38

The Ignite Women’s short belongs in Puma’s Ignite line of apparel. However, unlike most of puma’s running gear, this makes use of windCELL technology instead of dryCELL. WindCELL makes it more durable and breathable, all while protecting you from any harsh, outdoor elements. It also has reflective design accents, a non-abrasive jersey waistband and an invisible inner waistband pocket. 

15. Logo Women’s Short

Current website selling price: US$25

Stylish running shorts for women are easily found in the market, but not every one of them are comfortable to wear. The Logo Women’s short is one style of Puma running shorts that blends comfort and function beautifully. It has a short, 3-inch construction with fabric made up of a mix of cotton and polyester. To ensure a snug fit, the Logo Women’s short has an elastic shift waistband

16. HIT Feel It Women’s Short

Current website selling price:  US$30

Another impressive style of Puma track shorts for women is the HIT Feel It women’s short. It’s sleek and short, with a comfortable elastic waistband and an adjustable bungee cord drawstring for that perfect fit.

17. Chase Women’s Short

Current website selling price: US$45

A piece of athletic gear, perfect for a good run is the Chase Women’s Short. It has a loose, aerodynamic design increases the garment’s breathability, letting wearers stay cool and comfortable for longer runs without sacrificing movement freedom. This piece of Puma gear also features an elastic waistband that helps it stay secure during your run or jog.

18. Puma x Sophia Webster Short

Current website selling price: US$60

Puma’s collaboration with Sophia Webster produced gear that is not only strikingly stylish but also it remains to be comfortable and functional. This 80s inspired type of running short has an A-shaped construction with a regular fit. It also keeps itself in place thanks to a double elastic waistband with an adjustable drawstring cord.

19. Blast 3-Inch Short

Current website selling price: US$40

A sleek but straightforward piece of training gear for women is Puma’s Blast 3-inch short. It’s activewear with a timeless design, bringing its wearers comfort thanks to its lightweight and breathable fabric. 

20. SG x Puma Short

Current website selling price: US$45

It’s new, yet it’s impressive. The word about Selena Gomez’s collaboration with Puma gained a second installment, and with good reason. Not only are the designs impressively fashion forward and stylish, but they’re also comfortable when you use them for your run. They are tight fit shorts that are midlength, with an elastic waistband that makes for a snug fit. 


When looking for new running hear, you don’t have to sacrifice valuable and functional features of your shorts to stay in fashion. Puma running shorts can attest to this. And with many designs, styles, and features to choose from, you’ll definitely be able to find something that fits your needs.